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Domestic, Nearshore, Offshore and Homeshore

Whether your current business requirements and aspirations for growth are focused on domestic locations or a global footprint, Next Move can assist you.  Our experience includes building operations and serving clients across the globe.

In past assignments, we've led the planning, implementation and build-out of nationwide service delivery and support services operations in the United States.  We have also built and scaled operations in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Africa and Asia Pacific regions. 

Working with national, state, provincial and local governments, we have "green-fielded", acquired, integrated, reengineered and managed service businesses around the world.  Working in cooperation with clients, corporate partners and governments agencies in these geographies we have built and implemented a number of economic incentive, training and jobs creation programs that benefited these communities, national interests as well as the interest of clients and partners.

A partial list of the countries in which our experience and expertise extends includes:


  ~ United States
   ~ Brazil
  ~ Canada    ~ Uruguay
  ~ Jamaica    ~ South Africa
  ~ The Dominican Republic    ~ The Philippines
  ~ El Salvador    ~ India
  ~ Nicaragua    ~ China
  ~ Costa Rica    ~ Japan